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Spa Services


Upon arriving to the Spa you will begin your preparation for your wrap. Disposable spa underwear is provided, however, you may feel more comfortable in  your own bathing suit (bottom and top) or a spare set of your own underwear.  

Pre Wrap Prep Once changed and robed, you will be measured and “before” photos will be taken. Treated areas will be cleansed and manually exfoliated prior to the application of the frozen Cryo-tone stick which is very cold.

Madero Massage The Madero massage is designed to disrupt fat.  The movements, using wooden tools, are very fast and firm and the treatment should feel invigorating and not painful                                  

Acupressure Massage Once the Madero massage is complete, we will now perform acupressure point massage on the stomach.  This massage is detoxifying and energizing

Cryo Compression Wrap The final stage consists of applying compression wraps to the treated area(s).  These warps are soaked in a Cryo-tone lotion to help lower the body’s temperature.  Please note this treatment feels very, very cold and is detoxifying at the same time.

Once you are wrapped you will spend 20 minutes in the infrared sauna.  After the sauna, you will return to your treatment room, where we will unwrap you, take your measurements and your “after” photo.


Tummy Only ~ $200 per session

(Tummy includes the back)

Tummy Series of 6 – 10 ~ $180 per session

(This treatment can be done twice or once per week)

Body Freeze


We are very excited to now offer to you a revolutionary organic way of sculpting and slimming the body.   It is 100% natural, non-invasive method and free of contraindications

A frozen product encourages the body’s natural process of cold-induced thermogenesis, whereby fat cells are burned in order to raise the body temperature back to its normal state.  

WHY this treatment is different from laser, ultrasound cellulite reduction or liposuction?  These treatments only focus on the problem, without eliminating its cause.  If we just remove fat, we didn’t change anything in our body function.  

By using a combination of freezing, compression wraps, and Mandero Wood Therapy, we are stimulating blood circulation and lymph drainage which accelerates metabolism, therefore its effects last longer.  

This treatment will give quick and visible results in the body shaping, inch/cm loss and reduction of cellulite appearance.


Full Body ~ $300 per session

(Full body includes legs, tummy, back and arms)

Full Body Series of 6-10 ~ $255 per session

(This treatment can be done twice or once per week)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


A series of 6 - 10 treatments is necessary to achieve the desired results:

* Natural, non-invasive

* Activates lymphatic system

* Speeds up metabolism

* Breaks down cellulite

* Reduces size (“muffin top”, “love handles”, “saddlebags on thighs, etc”)

* Defines arms and legs

* Lifts, tones and tightens skin

* Firms thighs and buttocks


Lower Body ~ $250 per session

(lower body includes legs, back and tummy)

Lower Body Series of 6-10 ~ $225 per session

(This treatment can be done twice or once per week)​​​​​​​


Arms Only ~ $125 per session

Arm Series 6-10 ~ $100 per session

(This treatment can be done twice or once a week)